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Crisis Communications

Strategic. Timely. Effective.

We bring years of experience managing crises to the table.

When you are faced with the challenge of a crisis affecting your business or organization, you need support — fast, effective, and responsive.

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Brand Management

Perception. Consistency. Awareness.

We know how to manage a brand — whether it’s building it from the ground up, revitalizing it, or extending it into another arena. We know it starts with strategy and must be consistent across the board to build the perception and awareness you need to drive your brand and be successful.

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Digital Content

Essential. Informative. Shareable.

Your content is the most essential part of your business. Content tells the world what you do, and answers basic questions about your business or organization. We create digital content that earns you awareness, higher Google rankings, and social media presence.

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Who We Are

Public Communications Strategies is a strong team of communications experts with years of experience in branding, crisis management, production of digital content, public affairs issues, and policy development.

Headed by Dr. Max Benavidez, an award-winning communicator with over 20 years experience in communications, digital media, public affairs, marketing, and branding for universities, foundations, research institutes, publishing, and business.

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Higher education is in an “existential crisis.” Never before has it been challenged as it is today.

According to one of our nation’s top experts in strategic communications and digital marketing – Dr. Max Benavidez – the best way out of this unprecedented crisis is to follow the steps laid out in this marketing and communications playbook. Dr. Benavidez shows you how to market your institution in a time of rapid change and disruption. By following the advice contained in this concise guide, you can build visibility and enhance the reputation of your university, business or nonprofit.

The Best Guide to Marketing Higher Education will...

  • Define once and for all what marketing is and how it works 

  • Walk you through what is needed to create a 21st century customer experience

  • Spell out why social media is the most important tool in your marketing arsenal

  • Explode the myth that American higher education can continue as it has for the last 400 years

  • Challenge obsolete ideas about marketing

  • Explain how to build the marketing toolkit needed in the cut-throat world of higher education

  • Detail what you need to do when a crisis hits your organization 

Praise for The Best Guide 

The Best Guide for Marketing Higher Education is an invaluable tool for marketers and communicators in higher education. It provides a powerful framework for building effective marketing communication programs that speak to key constituencies in the age of digital and social media.” – Burghardt Tenderich, Ph.D., Co-director Public Relations Studies Program & Associate Director at the Center for Public Relations, University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

“Dr. Max Benavidez argues that how universities strategically approach their media and communications efforts has practical and moral implications. The guide’s content is compelling and actionable and makes a strong case that transparency, responsiveness and trust are values that universities must con- vey, not only for their own advancement but for the continuance of higher education as an industry.”– Ashleigh Thompson, Ph.D., University Dean of Education, The City University of New York

“In today’s hyper-fast world, you need to know the fundamentals before you can market anything.  Dr. Max Benavidez’ book is a master class on foundational marketing principles. It explains how you can have a firm grasp of the dramatic cultural shifts taking place while ensuring that your work and organization remain relevant.”– Ryan Ford, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Cashmere Agency

The Best Guide is by an expert communications strategist. From the news- room to the board room, Dr. Max Benavidez is the person college presidents want beside them when at the crossroads of career and legacy. This guide is a direct dispatch from a trusted operative on the front lines at a time when, first and foremost, you need answers.” – Mark Bailey, Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, Pitzer College